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Exotic superfoods are the oldest and most nutrient dense plants on the planet, they grow naturally all over the world and have been used medicinally and nutritionally by their native population for centuries.

They are an abundance of synergistic elements in their natural state that actively work to nourish the immune system and maintain a healthy body.

It is only recently that more attention has been drawn to their powerful properties and encouraging studies are beginning to emerge.

These superfood ingredients have been dehydrated at very low temperatures, which enables them to maintain their rich synergy of nutrients. As it takes approx 150grams of plants/grasses/algae to make 10grams of powder, SimplySuperFood blends offer greater nutrient density by volume. A scoop of blend is equivalent to about 30 capsules.

A daily dose of nutritious superfood :-


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Statements made about our products have not been evaluated by the UK Department of Health or any other authority. Our products are not intended to cure , diagnose or prevent any disease or illness. Any opinions that Simply Super Food make are based on research from respected authors and experts. Whilst we encourage you to take control of your health we do so with the expectation of you making informed decisions based on your own findings and knowledge base.